Types of Psychic readers

Most of the Physic readers were born with their gift, and discovering it since their early years has helped them to improve their ability, which makes them give you the most insightful and precise psychic reading based on your questions. However, there are different types of psychic reading gifts that make it possible for psychic readers to be able to use their talent appropriately and by this prevent the wrong use of their gift. The various types of Psychic readers available are further explained in the article


Career Psychic

Career Psychic reading is one type that involves the giving answers to your career questions and to give you guidance on choosing your career. The questions answered by a Career psychic reader include the future of your newly started career, what will become of you in future and much more. However, career Psychic reading is said to be the most popular after the love psychic reading.


Clairaudient means, “clear hearing”, which is the ability to hear clearly what others cannot hear. Clairaudient receives answers to your questions through hearing, unlike other Psychic readers who sees spirits or visions. Whether you want to hear from your guardian angel or you need direction in life you can talk to a clairaudient for help.


This is the ability to see beyond the physical realm. Clairsentient psychic has the ability to answer questions concerning the past and can predict the future. They can get in touch with the spirit or the dead ones to receive messages answers asked for their clients.


It means the ability to perceive something that is not possible for most people. Clairvoyance is different from clairsentient. Most of the clairvoyant psychics may not be able to see beyond this physical realm to answer your questions but they can perceive or sense the keys to getting your answer. For instance, if a smoker is related to the answers to your questions, a clairvoyant will be able to smell cigarette. In addition, a clairvoyant has the ability to see or know what is happening in a place that is far from where they are.

Intuitive Psychic

Unlike other types of Psychic that have the ability to see the future, feel the presence of a spirit and hear, an intuitive psychic can help to discover the emotional state of your friends and family. However, this can help to improve emotional state of the mind and can also help to resolve a conflict.

Love Psychic

Love Psychic as it name implies deals perfectly with how we take our romantic lives daily. A love psychic helps to answers various questions, questions like, is he my soul mate? Will he be a good wife or husband? Is she cheating on me? If you are having questions about your romantic life you can ask a love psychic for a perfect answer.

According to reliable California psychic reviews carried out, these are the type of psychic readers available. If you are in a state of a dilemma in your life you can visit one of these people based on the type of questions you need answers to.