Think Before You Leap While You Find Accommodation in Amsterdam

Travelling and residing in a new place is always overwhelming. The most important thing that people generally worry about is of course the accommodation.

Familiarizing Yourself with Housing Guidelines of the State

Every state will have different laws when it comes to accommodation. You need to understand and abide by them. Some things that you might need to understand would be:

  • Requirement of a house permit
  • In Amsterdam, you will rarely come across any temporary rental contract
  • Termination of rental contracts can be done only by the tenants and not the landlords

When you finalize on an apartment, the next thing that you need to do is to register yourself. Registration is only required, if you plan on staying for more than 4 months. When you register as a resident, you will get a BSN (Burgerservicenummer), which is like a social security number that can give you access to acquire a health insurance, open your balance account for your salary to be credited.

In order to acquire a BSN, you need to provide an id proof such as passport and your rental contract. All this needs to be done 5 days after your arrival at Amsterdam. If you have not found an accommodation within five days, you can register yourself at your employer’s address. To know more in detail on how to register yourself, you can visit website and gather all the necessary information.

Understanding the Fiscal Benefit Policy in Amsterdam

This might be beneficial for you if you have been recruited by any Dutch company. This is also called as the 30% tax ruling policy. Here your employer is permitted to pay 30% of your salary as a tax free allowance. Of course you need to meet certain requirements:

  • Your qualification must be special and not easily available in Amsterdam
  • Your salary needs to be above a certain level
  • You are not self employed

In addition to paying your rent, you might even need to pay your utility bills. If you have got the apartment through an agency, then you might have to pay the commission to the agency too.

Commuting Options in Amsterdam

Yes, you might even want to think about the different commuting options available to you. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Bikes
  • Public transports such as OV- chipkaart, trams, buses or subways
  • Private vehicles like cars


If you feel that the rent is too high for your apartment, you can even look at shared accommodation services. You might come across many online portals that can help you find the best deals.