Technologies To Watch

The world we had two centuries is totally different from what we have today. Means of transport and communication have developed for the better and we still expect better in the future. Advance in technology has been one of the biggest contributors to the changes we have today. Being in the know of some of the technologies that have an impact on today’s lives and the future is thus very important. Below are some notable technologies that have taken the world by storm


The first time that people heard about the blockchain technology was a decade ago when Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin whitepaper. The following years witnessed the introduction of different altcoins. However, the application of Bitcoin goes beyond money now. Some of the areas that are benefiting a lot from this revolutionary technology include finance, banking, insurance, real estate, public records and voting to mention a few. Some people are still cautious when it comes to investing in blockchain projects as some lost lots of money in the 2017 ICO craze. Features such as immutability, decentralization and transparency are some of the biggest attractions to this technology.

Augmented and virtual reality

Most people cannot tell the difference between the two technologies, even though they are closely related. No need to worry because Real New World has all the information that you need to learn about the two technologies.  One of the most popular applications of the technology has been in the gaming field. The two technologies attract people from all walks of life and please seniors as well as juniors in this world. Major companies in the technology field such as Google, Microsoft and Apple have invested so much in this field.

Artificial intelligence

What makes humans different from other animals is their high level of intelligence. Humans have what we call natural intelligence but there is another level that can be developed artificially. One of the most outstanding applications of artificial intelligence is in smart homes. Such a house is programmed in such a way it can respond to the outer environment without human interruption. Driverless cars are also another application that makes AI a popular field. This technology attracts major players in the technology field and such companies have invested a lot of money and man-hours in advancing the field.

We expect that the mass adoption of these technologies will happen in this decade. People have invested in research and we expect new applications to be rolled out as well.