What to pay attention when choosing plasma cutter?

Devices for cutting of metal have rather difficult construction. Even the most ordinary household plasma cutters have a high cost if to compare them to simple welding machines. Naturally, the choice of expensive devices and tools needs to be carried out consciously. To begin with, it is necessary to set precise tasks and designate the purchase purposes for which you are going to buy a plasma cutter. Otherwise, you will not be able to choose a proper plasma cutter on the review sites like www.cutslikebutter.com

For a start, it is worth determining the thickness of metal that will be cut. Without this characteristic consideration of available models doesn’t make any sense. The thickness of a cut is always considered during the work with carbonaceous steel, (sometimes during the work with stainless steel and is very rare for copper and aluminum). All the matter is that on depth of a cut property of heat conductivity of metal has strong influence. For copper, this indicator is 30% lower, than at iron. If instructions to the device do describe the maximum depth of steel cut of 1 cm, then for copper it will be 0,7 cm. Exactly from here follows that the second important indicator – type of alloy which will be cut.

Further, it is important to consider the mode in which you plan work with the device. For the welding machine, it is important to consider inclusion duration. For plasma cutting this characteristic works approximately. Experts this parameter called PV. This characteristic is responsible for period of operation of the device by time which will be necessary for rest and maintenance. Industrial devices can have PV close to 100%, but for manual devices, it is traditionally 40-50%.

If to speak about a practical side, then 50% are meant that from hour of work the device has to work 30 minutes and 30 minutes to have a rest. For manual cutting of metal, all the same, it is necessary to be displaced, move a product, to do break in work. Just this time will be suitable for cooling of the device and according to special breaks in work, it is not required.

If the main characteristics are already defined, then possibilities of use of the device are designated. Now it is possible to pass to such parameter as convenience of application. Here it is important to pay attention to mobility of the device and range of action. Here packet length with hoses and cables at a plasmatron plays general rule.