Passive Solutions: A World Apart From Other Freelance Sites

A writer wishing to branch out into freelancing is jumping into a great big ocean full of fish. It may be difficult to know where to start. Typing ‘freelancing’ into a Google search nets hundreds, if not thousands, of sites. You could spend half a lifetime wading through them all. How can you decide?


It’s a freelancer’s all-you-can-eat buffet, but this platform offers services such as digital design and social media management as well. There are so many jobs available, but surfing through them to find jobs in your skill set is an arduous process.

But beware of scams with this one. One writer applied for a job, did a Hangouts interview, and was ‘hired’ for the position. Something didn’t seem quite right, so she contacted the company the ‘hiring manager’ claimed to work for. She was told the company doesn’t hire using Upwork.


This platform appeals to writers because they have consistent amounts of work. They also offer a wide range of services, from digital media to writing. People seeking work submit proposals to the client for review. It may seem to be the perfect place.

But, they also have hundreds of thousands of writers and other people applying for the same job. And unless you get a few jobs under your belt, or pay to take their testing, earning rank and being hired are tough. Getting hired at Freelancer is like winning the writing lottery.

Passive Solutions

The benefit to using this platform is they only offer writing jobs. Right now, jobs may be slow, but they’re still new. It takes time and effort to build a clientele. Writers bid for work, within the client’s budget, rather than the client agreeing to a price up front.

Pay is consistent each week and deposited directly in your PayPal account. Passive Solutions aggressively screens writers before giving them a rating and monitors them throughout the process. They are easy to work with and always ready to answer questions.

So, you can see there’s a difference between Passive Solutions vs. Upwork vs. Freelancer. If you’re a writer and seeking to freelance, you might initially give Passive Solutions, well, a pass. After wading through the other freelance sites, you should come back to Passive Solutions. Signing up is easy and free, and if you get through screening now, you’ll be available when work starts pouring in.