Differences Between Cappuccino And Espresso

Coffee comes in many different forms and all of them are extremely different. Yes, most types are made from the same coffee beans, but the preparation and many other facts are completely different. Keep in mind that each kind requires different cups, something you can get at My Demitasse information.

Although it isn’t suitable, we will mention that the ordinary coffee is the most common type and the most adorable for most people. And no, it not other kinds of coffee don’t have negative effects on the body and mind. However, there are some benefits, such as better concentration.


Espresso is treated as a high – end kind of coffee and it is commonly related to the luxury. This is the main reason why all, high-end restaurants and hotels prefer espresso. Yes, it is also made from the same type of coffee beans as ordinary coffee, but it is milled much better, therefore, there are some differences.

The first thing to know is that espresso has a very strong taste and aroma, and it isn’t recommended to drink a lot of it per day. It should be drunken for a long period of time, so you can enjoy in each sip.

Cups for espresso are different as well. They are smaller, usually, contain up to 3 ounces of espresso. They are also thicker, which keeps the espresso warm for a longer period of time, as we said, espresso is something that you should drink slowly. In addition, these cups are more ‘’luxuries’’ they are stylish.


Cappuccino is something that is very common and has an impressive taste. In essence, this is espresso with milk and foam. But, these additional ingredients make it smoother and therefore it isn’t as strong as espresso. Milk has a few advantages more, so it is a perfect addition.

There is no point in adding the fact that cappuccino is prepared in a completely different way than espresso, and most people believe that these are completely different drinks. Now you know the truth.

Cups for cappuccino are completely different as well. First, they have a much larger size. They can be used for up to 6 ounces of cappuccino. They are also thinner and have a round shape, while espresso cups are narrower.

The last but extremely important thing to remember is that using the same cups for espresso and cappuccino is strictly forbidden. It is related as ignorance and it is a mistake you shouldn’t make.