Advanced Home Security Controller And Their Mesmerizing Features

Home security is such a key issue in everyone’s life but now with the advent of technology it has become somewhat easier. There are various advanced tools that you can make use of to make your home safe and secure. These hi-tech tools help you to be completely free from any kind of tension of your home security when you are not at home. Brinks home security used to be a top name in the home security but now it has been shut down and is now completely operating under a new name. But there are various other options also that you can look for while searching for advanced home security tools.

These systems make the life easier for you and here are some of them which will give a whole new dimension to your home security:

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi based smart controller:

One of the most advanced tools that you can have for your home security is the Bluetooth & Wi-Fi based locks and controllers that can be easily monitored and operated by your smartphones. These locks add some additional layers of security and prevent the thieves from having a check in. here are some brief looks at some of the most advanced features of these smart controllers:

  • It gives you a constant monitor on your home security norms and helps you to save some good money that is generally spent on monthly monitoring from expert professionals.
  • There is also facility of security notifications in case there is any problem of intruders. If anyone tries to break through, it will give you instant reminder and the security alarm will also start to ring which is widely appreciated by most of you.
  • It also helps you to have a track on various other features such as the level of toxic gases in your home which is quite important especially when you are having kids at your home who are more sensitive to these toxic gases. It also sends you danger alerts when these levels increase and tend to disturb the environment of your home. Another very important facet that it helps you in is that it doubles up as a smoke detector as well which will help you to get notifications for fire as well and prevent your assets and life of your family members in such a case.
  • Last but not the least, just by adding the dedicated app on your mobile, you can have a control over the lights and get them switched off or dim without having to get up from your bed. This is one of the best things that can happen for you as none of you like to go out and switch off the lights while going to bed. These apps are also very easy to install and you can easily find them in the play store for both the android and iOS phones thus enabling you to pair up the controller with your mobile irrespective of the OS that your mobile is having.