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Who We Are

Vision Statements

             Ecumenical Consultation: preparing a new ecumenical stance statement (Archive)

Interfaith Principles

Local Action

What's Happening Where We Live?

Resources Useful for Ecumenical and Interfaith Work Where We Live  (Archive)

Shared Models

Shared Models Archives (Archive)
Shared Models Archives 2   (Archive)

Viewpoint: looking at the demands of Christian unity in response to societal racism

Viewpoint Archives: examining the "emergent church" and ecumenism  (Archive)

Ecumenical Relations: Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) news

              Links to Ecumenical Organizations

Ecumenical Relations: International

                           Vatican Statement (Archive)

                           Responses to Some Questions Regarding . . . the Doctrine of the Church [Catholic]  (Archive)

              Ecumenical Organizations: International

Seeking Justice in the economy and ecology (Archive)

Ecumenical Relations: U.S.

Ecumenical Organizations: U.S.

Expanded Ecumenical Tables (Archive)

Ecumenical Publications

Ecumenical Events

              100 Years of the Ecumenical Movement (Archive)

              Calvin Jubilee: 500th anniversary of Calvin's birth (Archive)

              Ecumenical Peace Convocation 2011 (Archive)

              Faith and Order Conference 2007 (Archive)

National Workshop on Christian Unity

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

World Council of Churches Assembly (Archive)

Interfaith Relations: Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) news; links to organizations

Interfaith Relations news

               A model statement of interfaith commitment

News of Interfaith Organizations (Archive)

Interfaith Resources

                Resources on specific relationships: e.g., with Jews, Muslims, Latter-day Saints

Interfaith Events

Specific Issues (Archive)

 Middle East Peace (Archive)

 Muslim Response to Current Events (Archive)

        A Common Word Between Us and You (Archive)  

 Religious Conversion (Archive)

 Religious Freedom (Archive)

Our General Assembly: the 219th General Assembly (2010)

General Assembly: the 217th General Assembly (2006) (Archive)

General Assembly Actions Related to the Middle East: the 217th General Assembly (Archive)
General Assembly: the 218th General Assembly (2008) (Archive)

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