8 Easy to Find Herbs For Pain Relief

When people deal with pain the first thing they do is run to the pharmacy to get some Ibuprofen or Paracetamol. Few people manage to think out of the box to see if there are any alternative solutions. This is understandable if your pain is short-lasting, like a toothache, for example, you drop a few ibu’s, make an appointment with your dentist and before you know it your pain is gone.

It’s entirely different for people that deal with chronic pain, at some point you build up a tolerance towards generic painkillers and before you know it you need heavier medication at increased costs. It can get even worst then that, as you feel the pills aren’t working anymore you might grab the bottle instead, and you start to think the more I drink the less pain I get, which works to a certain extent but it’s probably better to solely deal with pain instead of being labeled as an alcoholic as well.

Thank god there are other solutions, in another article we already talked about some but let’s see what herbs can do to relieve you of your pain. This is what people have used for generations so it’s silly to think it wouldn’t do its job today. Herbs can be taken in different ways, like premixed in capsules, pure powder or in your tea.

The most popular herb is Aloe Vera, especially for people that deal with Arthritis, you can either drink it by putting it in your tea or you can apply an aloe vera based creame to the place where it hurts most. Boswellia is another herb that attacks leukotrienes that are responsible for your pain. Cat’s Claw is one you probably haven’t heard of, at Free Your Spine they provide more information about this herb, and obviously, there is Eucalyptus which has the same effect as a pack of ice, not a herb to use for chronic back pain though.

Ginger is a great calmer of inflammation and helps to treat nausea, it’s almost as effective as prescribed drugs so definitely¬†worth adding to your list. Then we have Tumeric, the most effective herb to treat chronic back pain, more and more stories are popping up on the internet describing it as the almost magical solution to cure the most pressing pains. A more risky herb is White Willow Bark so I suggest you use this one with caution and consult a herb specialist before considering this tricky herb. Last but not least on our list is Valerian Root, besides doing a great job to relieve anxiety and stress it also helps you to relax your muscles. If you take to much it could space you out so I wouldn’t suggest this at the start of your day but it’s definitely a great help during your early evenings.