5 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

If you haven’t already upgraded your PC to Windows 10 (for whatever reason), then you are missing out. Everyone and their mother knows that Windows 8 was a weak instalment from Microsoft. If you still have Windows 7, which is a very competent operating system, then you might as well skip Windows 8 and go directly to Windows 10; here’s why,

Windows Update Scheduled Restarts

If you know anything about the technical side of computers, then you know how much of a hassle Windows Update can be. Certain updates can make your computer unusable (this happened to me), while other updates are absolutely essential to improving your computer performance. While this is still present in Windows 10, the operating system added a much-needed feature: custom restarts. Instead of having the updates install when you don’t want them to, you can schedule when they will be installed.

The Start Menu is Back

Windows 7 probably had the best start menu out of all of Microsoft’s operating systems, but Windows 8 replaced it with the start screen. However, Microsoft came to their senses after the controversial decision to eliminate the start menu in Windows 8 by bringing it back in Windows 10.

The “Cortana” Experience

Some of you simply won’t care about the addition of an artificial intelligence program that you can interact with. However, this addition (known as Cortana) can be very useful. For instance, you can tell Cortana to keep track of your favorite sports team. So, while your team is in action, she will continuously pop up the score. You can also ask her to remind you of something and she will.

A Better Version of Google Chrome

Windows 10 includes a default browser that, in some ways, is superior to Google Chrome: Microsoft Edge. One main reason for this is because it’s less demanding on laptop batteries than Chrome. Also, the speed is absolutely phenomenal.

Added Security

When talking about computers, security is the most important aspect to talk about, bar none. Fortunately, Windows 10 includes several tremendous security features (Windows Hello, Microsoft Passport and Device Guard). However, it also improves on the Secure Boot feature from Windows 8 by preventing it from being able to be bypassed.

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