4 tips for the perfect wedding in Leeds

Every bride wants to organize the perfect wedding that will be memorable not only for her and her husband but also for all the guests. They all try to find somethings extra that will make everyone talk about this wedding even for a long time after the wedding day! Below follow some tips that will make the wedding a special occasion and different than any other wedding!

1. Arrive in a limo

Most people arrive at their wedding ceremony in their own car or in a friend’s car. This tends to be typical and boring. How about arriving in a luxury and stylish limo? For sure this will make a good impression and everyone will talk about it. Luckily for those who live in Leeds or the surrounding areas, there is limo hire Leeds that provides the high quality services and can help in organizing a great entrance at the wedding!

2. Set a hashtag

Nowadays most people are all the time logged-in in their Facebook or Instagram accounts, so it would be a good idea to relate the wedding with Social Media. How? By setting a hashtag. In this way, people can upload their photographs and use the hashtag that refers to the wedding. Later the couple can perform a search with this hashtag, collect all the photographs and make a great album! Also, the guests can go back and relive the happy moments of the wedding.

3. Have a Signature cocktail

Another great idea for an unforgettable wedding would be to create a customized cocktail. When making the wedding arrangements with the barman of the wedding party, the couple can ask from the  barman to create a special cocktail especially for that day. They should pick their favorite ingredients that represent them and ask the barman to create something with those ingredients. For sure, the guests will ask what this cocktail is called in order to order it again.

4. Have a photo booth

Since photographs are so important in all weddings, a photo booth can be a great idea for a wedding! Also, it can replace the traditional guestbook that all guests are fed up with. What is more, the guests can play with their friends and create very happy moments that will always remember.

Creating the perfect wedding can be very tricky since most people consider wedding parties quite boring. By following some of the abovementioned tips the guests will be very pleased and will definitely enjoy the wedding. Also, the couple will have plenty of material to remember this special day!